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His Emotions Flashcard set

His Emotions Flashcard set

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Helping little ones deal with their BIG feelings. 

The Brown Brilliance collection desires for black children to be able to see themselves. We understand the importance of regulating emotions and also that representation matters. 

Teaching emotions can feel overwhelming because young children can have such big emotions. Using these emotion flashcards you can help your child to identify their own emotions which is step one of helping your child learn how to regulate their own emotions. 

This set includes:

  • 21 cards with a different emotion on each card + definition

  • 1 intro card

  • 2 activity cards with 10 total activities to utilize the cards to their fullest capacity


Each card features an illustration of a handsome Black boy with brown skin depicting a different emotion on his face. The card displays the word of the emotion he has and the definition of that emotion. You will also find 2 activity cards, one single-player and one multiplayer, with 5 different activities each to further enhance your learning experience with the cards. 

The HIS EMOTIONS Flashcards include 21 original illustrations for each emotion. They are perfect for ages 2+ for learning and all ages for representation. These cards were specifically designed so that Black boys could see themselves within the illustration. Social-emotional learning matters but so does representation. 

  • 24 cards total
  • Each card measures 3.5 x 4.5
  • Rounded corners safe for little hands
  • Easy storage drawstring bag
  • Thick 110 cardstock + lamination for extra durability and wipe clean
  • Emotions created by Brilliant Babies & designed by Shay Huchora 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

It’s an amazing product and better than I could have imagined!

I originally gave this product a 1* review because I didn’t receive it; however, Krystal’s communication and support was above and beyond. After receiving the product, it’s a definite 5* product! Cannot wait to use this with the children I work with.


I never received my order - I contacted the seller and didn’t hear back.

Best flash cards ever!

Found Krystal in a FB group featuring businesses and products. I saw the flashcards for her but wondering about for him. I loved them bcuz I have never seen flashcards with faces that look like me - melanin! she didn't have the ones for young kings yet but said if she had enough interests would make them. Less than a month later she was connecting with me saying she had them. I explained to her my son is autistic and this would probably help him immensely and it definitely did. I pull out his flash cards often and we go over emotions. He loves these flashcards so much and I'm grateful for her. If you know like I know, when you see a wonderful product you get it ASAP. Now, if I can get my son to say another emotion except screaming angry when he is mad 🤣🤣🤣. Y'all please support these flashcards bcuz we NEED to see them everywhere including on every shelf for kids!

Katie H.
His Emotions flashcards

My son is biracial and it is extremely important to me that he sees himself as he learns the world around him. This product is made so well and she even hole punched the cards for me! Such a little thing went a long way! Thank you so much for making these emotions flashcards!

Crystal Jackson

His Emotions Flashcard set