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Her Emotions Bundle

Her Emotions Bundle

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Helping your little one deal with their BIG feelings. 

The Brown Brilliance collection desires black children to be able to see themselves. We understand the importance of regulating emotions and also that representation matters. 

Teaching emotions can feel overwhelming because young children can have such big emotions. Using these emotion flashcards you can help your child to identify their own emotions which is step one of helping your child learn how to regulate their own emotions. 

The bundle includes:

Her Emotions Poster 8x10 (How do you feel today - Colored background)

  • This poster consists of 20 custom pieces of artwork.

  • Each design was intentional with black girls in mind.

  • This poster can be used as a part of a daily routine to learn, identify, and talk about the many feelings and emotions we carry but are not always sure how to express. 

Her Emotions Flashcard set

  • 21 cards with a different emotion on each card + definition

  • 1 intro card

  • 2 activity cards with 10 total activities to utilize the cards to their fullest capacity

Blank Faces Her Emotions Playdough and Dry Erase Mats (Note: I will choose the 4 faces unless you specify your preference in the comments when ordering)

  • 4 5x7 mats with a blank face featuring a different hairstyle

  • 1 dry-erase marker

  • 1 small container of playdough


This bundle allows you to get the full collection of the Her Emotions set. 

The poster allows for a perfect daily visual and quick reference chart to not only help self regulate and identity their feelings but to be able to see beautiful little girls that look like them. 

The Flashcard set allows for engaged conversation and learning while taking a deeper dive into our emotions and feelings. 

The play dough/dry erase mat gives an interactive learning experience as they are able to physically create by drawing or making the emotion they feel or are identifying directly on the blank face card using the provided dry erase marker and play dough. 

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Customer Reviews

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Branston Harris
Awesome. Highly Recommended!

I LOVE my bundle package! The products were delivered on time, my baby loves them, and the service IS the standard. Krystal is a genius entrepreneur whose talent to propel young minds is unmatched. Great products. Better service. And I can testify to immediate results.