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Krystal's Classroom

A-Z I See Me Affirmation Cards

A-Z I See Me Affirmation Cards

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Our A-Z I See Me Affirmation Flashcards, were specifically created for black children to see themselves while learning to affirm their uniqueness and potential on an empowering journey through the alphabet. 

Each card features a beautiful black child alongside the letter of the alphabet and a corresponding phonics word, providing positive imagery and representation. Our flashcards showcase children of various shades of browns and different special abilities, promoting inclusivity and diversity at its highest level.

Beyond their vibrant illustrations, these cards serve as valuable educational tools, fostering language and reading skills. With carefully chosen affirmations, they boost self-esteem and cultural pride, empowering children to develop a strong sense of identity allowing you to speak life into them while also teaching them to speak life over themselves. 

Invest in A-Z I See Me Affirmation Flashcards and provide your child with the means to confidently embrace their true potential in a world that values and celebrates their journey. The positive impact this representation can have on children's self-perception and empathy towards others is a priceless tool for our children to possess. 

You’ll also find a How These Cards Help card, and two blank cards to create your own affirmations together. We recommend using a dry erase marker (not included) for best results.

The Details:

The A-Z I See Me Affirmations includes 26 age appropriate affirmations for each letter of the alphabet + 2 Bonus I am a Queen & I am a King cards + 2 blank I am cards. 

These cards are perfect for ages 2+ for learning and all ages for affirming. While the I See Me Affirmations are designed so Black children can see themselves within the illustrations and affirmations. We encourage all children to use these cards to continue creating and fostering a mutual respect across cultures empathy in diversities. 

- 32 cards total
- each card measures 3.5″ x 5″
- rounded corners safe for little hands
- card stock + lamination 
- affirmation cards written and created by Krystal’s Classroom designed by Jawns with Graphics & Designs 

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Customer Reviews

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Janet Williams

I am giving to my niece as a Xmas gift. I know her mother will love them for her.

Debora Evans

My 1 year and 6 months old grand daughter is enjoying her cards with grandma. Where can I send you a video?