Shades and Shapes - Identifying and Sorting Shapes

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Our Busy Bags are handcrafted, customizable, educational learning activities for young children that keeps them engaged, enriched and excited about learning. 

The bags don't just keep kids busy, they are a learning tool that equips and empowers them to excel academically. 

They are interactive activities that your child can do with a parent or independently

They are great screen free options, perfect for quiet time and also amazing for on the go learning as well. 

With our Easy Carry Rings, you can attach 1 or all 7 Busy Bags for little hands to carry, on diaper bags, key rings, strollers and so much more, making taking learning on the go easy! 

Busy Bags are also very ASD friendly for children on the Autism Spectrum. Most of our Busy Bags have a sensory learning component included in play which are excellent ways to keep children with autism engaged and wanting to learn.

Every Busy Bag is hand made with love and full of learning! 

Busy Bags are here to help keep your baby brilliant and always busy learning! 

Ages 3+

The Shades and Shapes Busy Bag represents children of all shades of melanin skin and hair. Each card is a beautifully custom illustrated piece of art from a beautiful artist: Melarie Odelusi. Representation is important for children to always be able to see themselves in all areas of life.  

Skills Practiced:

  • Identifying shapes
  • Sorting shapes
  • Fine motor
  • Sensory and tactile play
  • Vocabulary and language building


  • 10 art illustrated shape cards
  • 50 colored laminated shapes ( 5 of each shape)
  • Instructional Card (with extension activities)

Extension Activities:

  • Categorize the shapes by colors.
  • Play find the pink ______, the blue ____, the orange ______.                                      (Insert different shapes in the blank.)

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Shades and Shapes - Identifying and Sorting Shapes