Mixed His & Her Emotion Poster 8x10

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Helping your little one deal with their BIG feelings. 

The Brown Brilliance collection desires for black children to be able to see themselves. We understand the importance of regulating emotions and also that representation matters. 

Teaching emotions can feel overwhelming because young children can have such big emotions. Using this HER EMOTION poster you can help your child to easily identify their own emotions which is step one of helping your child learn how to regulate their own emotions. 


This poster consists of 20 custom pieces of artwork. Each design was intentional with black girls and boys in mind. This poster can be used as a part of a daily routine to learn, identify, and talk about the many feelings and emotions we carry but are not always sure how to express. 

This poster was created to affirm the beauty in our skin color and our hair as we work through regulating our emotions. 

The MIXED HIS & HER EMOTIONS poster is perfect for all ages 0+.

This is a custom piece of artwork that can be hung in a little girl or boy's room throughout the entirety of their childhood, into their teenage years as well.

  • 8x10
  • Print this digital file at home or send it to your nearest print center
  • Emotions created by Brilliant Babies & designed by Shay Huchora 

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Alicia Wynn
Beautiful cards

As our children navigate through life I feel it’s important that they see themselves and honor there emotions. These cards are a great modeling tool.

Mixed His & Her Emotion Poster 8x10