Krystal in White
Welcome to Krystal’s Classroom! 

I’m Krystal Jones - a wife and mommy of two amazing children.

For the past 10+ years, I’ve had the honor of teaching and transforming the minds of young learners as a Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher. Two of those years were spent in Abu Dhabi, UAE teaching English as a second language, a life-changing experience that afforded me the opportunity to bring an even more diverse educational approach to my little scholars. From my Alma Mater, Texas State University in San Marcos, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and also took advantage of numerous certification programs that allowed me to teach gifted and talented, special needs, and ESL children.

As an educator, nourisher, and observer I took note of every student’s individual needs when they walked through my classroom door. Over time, I grew a deep passion for creating learning materials that were both engaging and exciting. Using a hands-on method to hold my students' attention to problem solve as they processed proved to be the antidote to keeping students engaged. Becoming a mom only affirmed this truth because I’ve watched those same replicated experiences have a positive impact on my own babies. Inspired by their remarkable results, I decided to make room in my heart for Brilliant Babies, formerly, and now Krystal’s Classroom.

After making the decision to become a SAHM and leave the classroom in order prepare my own children for Kindergarten it shifted my passion from teaching children to guiding parents. Krystal’s Classroom allows me to do both by offering 1:1 personalized advice to help families navigate their child’s early learning years that are so pivotal and creating interactive, engaging, play and learn activities. Busy Bags allows children to take ownership of their learning while giving parents a prep free and screen free activity experience for their child. Everything about creating these resources for parents and their children is beyond fulfilling, knowing every products is filled with love and learning.

The Brown Brilliance Collection brings so much joy to my heart bc it was birthed out of lack of and need for. As a mom we all deal with our children having such big feelings and trying to help them navigate working through their emotions. With my children it was very important that while we were on our journey to emotional intelligence that they were able to see faces that looked like them. I searched high and low and could find nothing. It immediately took me back to the place when I was teaching and could never find Clip art or learning materials that looked like my students. In that moment, I knew I had to be the change I wanted to see. Not just for my children but for all of our children and thus The Brown Brilliance Collection was born.

Here in Krystal’s Classroom we know that kids learn best with hands-on experiences! These early years with our children should be about fostering a love to play, explore, and learn. And I’m here to help you help them do just that. I hope our easy to implement teaching tips & strategies, engaging resources, and ways to make learning fun help you to gain the confidence to play an instrumental role in your child’s education.

We are so glad to have you! Class is in session!